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Coffee Gift Packs

Variety Pack
We Pack a 12oz bag of Columbian Supremo, Breafast Blend, and a flavored coffee of your choice for only $29.99 +s & h. These are two of our most popular coffees and a flavor of your choice at a discount. In the check out simply leave instructions as to which flavored coffee you would like. A listing can be found here -Flavored Coffee List-
Grind or Whole Bean
Flavored Coffee Gift Pack
You choose 3 flavors from our large selection of Flavored Coffees and save!!, You get can select 3 of any flavors you desire and we will send 1 -12oz bag of each of the flavored coffees you selected.
only $29.99 + s-h
Grind or Whole Bean

Decaf Flavors$32.99
Grind or Whole Bean
Flavored Coffee Listing - - Click here to pop up a window with a list of flavored coffees. When you have chosen close the window and during the checkout process an area where you can send additional instructions will appear, put in the flavors you would like. You must order your gift pack from this page to get the gift pack price. Ordering from the various flavored coffee pages with be handled as if they were regular orders.
From the beginning, people have given gifts to one another as a sign of friendship. Why not give the great taste and experience of a series of Delightfully high-quality coffee beans
All of our coffees are 100% Arabica specialty-grade beans. Here we have several selections you can choose from to give the gift of Great Coffee to someone (or keep for yourself).

Also with each order we will include a FREE sample pot of another kind of coffee for you to try out.
- Our 100% Arabica beans are carefully selected and purchased direct from the plantation. We then consistently slow roast the beans, gently smoking them at the end of the roast to bring out the finest nuances of flavor.
- All coffees are air cooled and hand packed immediately after roasting to guarantee freshness.
- All our coffees are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union, they are sustainably grown using fair trade principles, shade tree and bird friendly. Our organic coffees are certified USDA, and FDA.
We are so sure you will love our coffee's we also give a money back guarantee. That's right if after the first pot your not satisfied, send it back and we will refund the purchase price of the coffee. No questions asked, you didn't like it, we will take it back or trade it for another if you like.
*The Coffee is FREE, you just pay for Shipping and Handling

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