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This is where Americans Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!!!

Gourmet Coffee Production Information and Videos

I have made many trips to Coffee Farms, but the most interesting was to go and see the World Famous Jamaican Blue Mountian Coffee being grown and processed into coffee. I was lucky enough to be allowed to shoot video and record my tour guide as we went through the processing plant. Below are links to pages where you can watch the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee being produced from Berry on the tree to bean ready for export.

  • The Blue Mountains - Look at the beauty of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica as we take you to a plantation atop them. -High Speed
  • Berry Trees - Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Trees, growing in the Mountains - High Speed
  • Cherry Berries - Berries in various stages of ripeness - High Speed
  • Step 1 - Floating - Floating the berries is the First step in a months long process of taking the Cherry Berry and turning it into coffee. - High Speed
  • Step 2 - Pulping - Next comes the pulping process where they remove the fruit from the bean. - High Speed
  • Step 3 - BBQing - After pulping it's into a fermenting process, and then out on the BBQ for drying in the sun. - High Speed
  • Step 4 - Drying - After getting a nice tan in the sun, it's into the wood fired dryer for final drying of the bean. - High Speed
  • Step 5 - Parchment - Once it has dried, then rested for at least 2 months, the beans are processed to remove the Paper like substance still covering the bean. - High Speed
  • Step 6 - Sorting - Now it's in the hands of the swift moving people who sort the beans and remove the bad ones.
    and then of course the final steps are bagging the coffee for storage, and then roasting and grinding for your needs. - High Speed
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