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This is where Americans Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!


Here we offer you products to go along with the great coffee that we offer. You will actually make your purchase through Amazon.com . We have checked out each of these products and offer them to you as a convience. From Grinders to Coffee Makers we have hand picked some of the better products offered.
An absolute must purchase is the Gold Filter. These are excellent wither you use it for a cup at a time or a regular coffee maker, never need another filter again with the gold filter.

With the Gold Filter You never need another filter.
Coffee Grinders
When you grind right before you brew you release all the essential oils and end up with a much better cup of coffee.
Espresso Makers
You can make your own espresso drinks at home with one of these great Espresso Makers.
Coffee Makers
Make great coffee at home or office with these great coffee makers.

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