Holiday Schedule 2020

Our online store is always open.  However, as usual we give our employees the day of and day after Thanksgiving off, so we will not be processing any orders for shipping until Monday after Thanksgiving.

We feel it’s import, even more so this year, that our employees have some time off to be with their close families.

We have advised our employees to follow the instructions of the medical professionals.  We actually have a Emergency Room Trained, Teaching and Working Nurse Practitioner who is advising us on our operations in order to keep people safe.  The professional we are relying on worked on Covid patients in NYC, developed Peer Reviewed papers on treatment of Covid patients and also works with Nurses International.  She is a professor teaching Registered Nurses in their Clinical work.

Our employees understand and believe that it is in their best interest, their families best interest, and the companies best interest that they remain healthy.  Everyone understands the need for great coffee to continue to flow out of our facility and into the hands of waiting consumers.

We will also be closed Christmas through Jan 1 2021 to take inventory and also give our employees a much needed break.

Again you can always place an order at any time you want.  Just understand that we will not be processing orders for the holidays so order early.