great gourmet coffee
great gourmet coffee

You deserve to experience of the finest award winning cup of Gourmet coffee.  It’s something to be enjoyed and savored over time.  Nothing can be rushed as you smell the gentle aroma while it brews and then later as it slowly cools in your cup.  The Buzz of anticipation over for that first sip. The flavor and texture of your very first sip slowly builds to a crescendo of utter bliss where nothing could possibly go wrong…that is, nothing that another cup of our Great Gourmet Coffee won’t fix.



Now you can use PayPal or Your Amazon Account to pay for your coffee.

We believe coffee should be sold by the pound!!

SAMPLE OUR COFFEES:  If you are interested in one of our coffees and want to try it note the kind and we will try to send you a sample pack with your order.

Choose from a large selection of Certified Fair Trade Organic Coffees


To give you the freshest coffee we try to roast only what is needed.

Each order is made fresh as needed and shipped UPS ASAP.

Most orders are processed and shipped within 48-72 hours.

All our coffees are certified Blue Ribbon Kosher, are sustainably grown using fair trade principles, are shade tree and bird friendly.  We have many that are Certified Fair Trade Organic

We do offer Decaf Coffees in our flavored coffee selection.  Take a look

This Months Featured Coffees:



The perfect combination of smooth milk chocolate, roasted almonds, with a tad of caramel, and a spot of cream combined with a well-balanced blend of beans to produce a full Flavor and aroma with the medium body and acidity.


What can be better for your lover than an evening in Paris?


A marvelous blend of Arabica Coffee’s Roasted to a traditional European darkness. Bold, rich, & sharp flavor.


We produced and sold Gourmet Coffee For:

Captain Mykel Hawke
Discovery Channel TV Star,
Survival Expert

U.S. Army Special Forces Veteran, Green Beret Officer, Survival Instructor, Media Personality in TV and film, and Author of 2 bestselling books. He serves as Co-founder and Director of Specops, an international adventure tourism and training company.

Unfortunately we no longer offer his coffee but we remain friends.


Bun E Carlos
the drummer for
Cheap Trick

For many years I have sold Bun E Carlos’s Blend of coffee from my retail locations and on the internet. (Bun E is best known for his work as the drummer for the rock band Cheap Trick ). .

If you would like to read the story of how I came about selling Bun E Carlos Coffee Story Click Here.

Unfortunately we no longer offer his coffee but we remain friends.

We can do a private label of coffee for you too Find out more here


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